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Avatar Repertory Theater at VWBPE

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference
10 am SLT Sat Mar 13

You are invited to join the actors of the Avatar Repertory Theater Company as they present the joys and challenges of presenting live theater in a virtual world.  This talented group of actors, directors, designers and writers have come together from all the corners of the world to dream and perform and explore this ancient art of storytelling.

On Saturday, March 13, at 10 am SLT/PST, they will entertain you with comedy and drama, including a fantasy scene of how Burns and Allen might have done Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine, scenes from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and a reading from Twain’s “Eve’s Diary”.

They will also explain the methods used in presenting live theater in a virtual world, and how it can combine students anywhere in the world with professional actors and directors in a real time interaction that is only limited by the imagination of those involved.

Saturday’s presentation will be held on the Cookie sim in Second Life.  This vibrant and permanent presence in this virtual world is the home of writers, artists, actors and performers who continue to work and develop their craft.  We invite you to explore the sim.  The doors never close here.  And you might certainly run into another artist passionate about their art, their story and their dreams.


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